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Resources for Developers and Entrepreneurs

Whether you are looking to leverage the internet as a business tool, a novice web designer or you are a hard core developer, here are some free or inexpensive resources that we think you might find useful.

Links to Useful Sites:

  • {links to sites with good examples and tutorials; be a good info provider}
  • Template sites
  • Sample Retail sites
  • Other lists for tools and software
  • WC3 and other standards, CSS help, tutorials, etc.
  • Sites that have info on good designs, samples retail sites,

Links to Useful Tools:

  • {links to tools we use}
  • HTML Editors: AceHTML, EditPad, Netscape Composer
  • FTP Programs: FileZila, WS-FTP, AceFTP
  • Image Programs: Pixie Color Picker, ACDSee, irFanViewer, etc.
  • Utilities: Ruler, Oscar Renamer/Thumbs,
  • Office programs: Office tools like OpenOffice or MS Office (free v. Hundreds)
  • Quickpen – single line OCR pen for entering inventory

Useful Books and References:

  • {links to book on amazon.com}
  • Filter for books on Web Design, JScript, VB Script, ASP, Online Retail