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WebServ Employment and Job Opportunities

We are a growing company and we are always looking for high-quality, motivated individuals to add to our team. We recognize that our organization’s team members are the most critical and important part of our company.

Here at WebServ, we strive to be are a truly life-giving company that emphasizes and capitalizes on the strengths of all team members. We believe that our best work and the best solutions result when all of us work together towards a clearly-defined common goal. At the same time, we also recognize that each one of us offers unique and valuable individual contributions towards both company objectives and client goals. But in order to accomplish this in the most optimal way, we recognize that it is critical that we all have the opportunity to operate within roles within which we are motivated, gifted, and/or skilled.

Here are the current job opportunities we are looking to fill within WebServ Development right now:

  • Web Page Designer
    • 6-12 months experience in HTML web page development required
    • Experience with a web page programming language such as ASP or PHP a big plus
    • Experience with graphical development tools like Photo Shop or Illustrator a plus
    • Experience with SQL database technology a plus
  • Database Engineer
    • 12-24 months experience with SQL database technology required
    • Experience with MS SQL Server administration a plus
    • Experience with creation and maintenance of MS SQL Stored Procedure scripts a plus
    • Experience with MySQL a plus

If you believe you meet the requirements for any of these job postings or you know someone else who does, please email cover letters and/or resumes to our HR department at jobs@webservdev.com. We will promptly review these and initiate return-contact if it looks like there may be a good fit between us.