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Website Building 101

Step 1. Start with a good team.

web team

The Content Provider is you, our client. You have an idea that you would like to see on the Web. The Webmasteris WebServ Development. We make your web ideas happen in the Internet. The Network Services are Internet Service Providers (ISP) and the like. We work directly them so you don’t have to.

Step 2. Clearly define your purpose

Almost all websites fall into one or two of the catagories described below. These categories help set the focus on what your website will do for you. Once your purpose is defined, that definition determines a great deal of the website structure and where all the details fit in.

  • Informational Pages (Static)  books
  • Paper FormBusiness (Data & Dynamic)
  • Entertainment (News & Multimedia)  NewsPaper
  • Intranet (public use) or Extranet (internal organizational use)


Step 3. Be Sure Your Purpose Drives Your Website

     At WebServ, we let the business drive the solution and the specific technology used. This is accomplished by preliminary exploration and discussion with you about your specific business needs and mission as well as the desired outcome of any new or modified system we provide for you. Then as the project is first defined and specified and then implemented, we work with you in a highly interactive and iterative manner. This is all designed to ensure we provide you with the right solution that is highly effective in delivering the results you desire.

A Process Data Model Biz Flow

Here is an illustration of how this might work in a highly interactive website. This design shows integrated business logic that is customized to ultimately enable your business goals and mission to be accomplished. In this example, the design depicts a website that collects and accesses data. It processes the data based on user input and the current system state or status. On demand, it produces meaningful output and/or reports, etc.

So how can we help You?

Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your business technology needs.