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Custom Software

Custom Internet Software Development

The benefits of a custom site are numerous. Here are a few ideas of how WebServ can increase your potential:

  • Intranet sites for employee services and information management
  • Extranet sites for publicly-accessible retail
  • Data collection and storage
  • Data Mining
  • Reporting (summary and statistical)
  • Auto-populated Forms and Contracts
  • Track customer and/or employee satisfaction and experience

The impact a good site can have on your business is profound. The underlying technology in a good website should be seemless and transparent to the casual user. WebServ Development has brought together a team of experienced professionals to maximize that impact and to provide as much or as little of a technology team as you need.

Our services cover these primary areas:

1. Analysis.

Knowing your business and your Information Technology needs becomes our first order of business. We work with you to understand your business processes and the supporting data needs. At this point we can map out a strategy for applying appropriate technology that supports your specificl requirements. This mapping often reveals new opportunities for market share and may help you discover and recitfy any inefficiencies in your overhead.

2. Prototyping.

We provide a continously evolving prototype to ensure we maximize the fit to your needs. Concrete design helps developers “see” the idea and revise it as necessary. We don’t quit until you are satisfied.

3. Site building.

We build websites that are dynamic, data driven and user specific. Our designers and developers are experienced in the various technologies needed to make this happen.

4. Website hosting.

We provide complete websites and email services. Please review our Internet services and a-la-carte pricing here.