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Hosted CRM

WebServ Provides Hosted CRM!

Increase your company’s revenue now by using Hosted CRM Services by WebServ. Try Hosted CRM Services by WebServ for 30 days. Expect to see better tracking and forecasting of your leads and sales opportunities. Hosted CRM Services by WebServ makes Sales and Customer Service more productive and enables you to handle more work with less effort. This will result in happy and returning customers. WebServ is so confident that you will see a quick return on your investment that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.




  • Easy to Learn
  • Track Leads and Opportunities
  • Rapid Sales Forecasting
  • Track All Customer eMail
  • Share Calendars and Appointments
  • No Software to Purchase or Install
  • No Costly Servers to Buy and Maintain
  • Share Information Throughout Your Company
  • Manage Client Account Information
  • Share and Track Leads
  • Take Sales Orders
  • Generate Quotes
  • Manage Product Catalogs
  • Track Customer Service Incidents

Here at WebServ Development, we’re using this CRM system to manage our own marketing programs and client relationships. We have found this to be a simple yet powerful tool with lots of features and capabilities that, up until now, have only been available and approachable by large corporate enterprises due to the high expense and specialized expertise needed to maintain it. Well now with Hosted CRM Services by WebServ, this is totally affordable and practical for use by any medium and even small business alike. For us, this has quickly become one of those delightful tools that we wondered how we ever got along without. We really like the fact that this CRM system is available from any computer in the world just as long as there is an Internet connection. It really is a wonderful tool and we believe you will draw the same conclusion about this CRM system that we have.

We are able to get one of these CRM systems set up and running for your company immediately. Give us a call (719-258-8305) or otherwise contact us to arrange a free demo of this powerful CRM system so you and your staff can try it and see for yourself just how easy and powerful this tool really is. We’d like to help you take your business to the next level with Hosted CRM Services by WebServ.