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Hardware Configuration

Hardware Configuration

WebServ is able to help you navigate the many choices and options available to address all of your computing needs. We can discuss your needs with you and then develop a configuration that meets your specific needs and budget.


The types of services we can provide in this area:

  • Identify specific hardware, system software, business applications, and/or personal productivity software tools required to meet your needs.
  • Acquire and build systems per agreed-to specifications and budget
  • Windows Server machines (including network configuration, database configuration, etc.)
  • Unix / Linux Server machines (including network configuration, etc.)
  • User workstations or laptops, PDA’s, etc.
  • Network configuration including server and workstation connectivity, routers, firewalls, and wireless access appliances.
  • Hardware peripheral installation and configuration including LAN printers, document scanners, fax servers, etc.
  • Telephone and PBX systems

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