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WebServ Products

WebServ provides dedicated Internet-based application products. These are highly interactive application services that can be branded as an extension of your current website. Here are the products that we currently support:


  • Insurance Premium Finance Services(IPFS) - This is a web-based tool that enables your insurance brokerage to create and maintain insurance premium payment contracts for your commercial insured. Specific functions and features include:
    • User account maintenance including specific access and function usage rights.
    • Create and Print Premium Finance Contracts that include insurance policies covered, terms such as payment amounts, interest rates, etc.
    • Generate Payment Coupons that can be mailed by the insured with their payment.
    • Maintenance of All Insured Contact including phone, fax, mail, and email (integrated) contact .
    • Payment Receipt Processing including automatic posting of payments due, late fees due, and user posting of payment receipts, generation of payment registers, accounts payables, notice of cancellations, etc.
    • Tools to Administer and Monitor contract generation status, active contracts including easy identification of problems and customer commitments.
    • Link to IPFS test site: Coming soon
  • AMbase Property Management – Coming soon
  • Project Time Management (PTM) – Coming soon

Please Contact Us to discuss these and other product options.